Organizational Consulting

Our Organizational Consulting practice is founded in a deep belief that all successful organizational development efforts are, ultimately, personal. Every organizational intervention we design, implement and follow up, has organizational and individual components, supported by a rigorous follow-up infrastructure. We track the impact on the organization, accelerate the pace of change and give to those involved a meaningful voice in the future of their lives. Two examples are the ‘Work-Out’ and ‘Leadership of Change’ processes.

During 19 years of organizational consulting, EDI has worked in different aspects of organizational management with many large public organizations. These include: the Bank of the Northeast, The Social Security Ministry of Brazil and the Central Mortgage Bank of Colombia. Private clients include Hilton International (USA), JP Morgan (USA), Pfizer (USA), AVIANCA (airlines/Colombia), Colorín (manufacturing/Argentina) and Juncadela (safety and value transportation Argentina), among others. Supranational organizations that have been clients are the United Nations; and the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture, a supranational development agency based in Spain with operations in Latin America.