Leadership of Change

EDI's leadership research was consolidated in 1988 with a proprietary set of management tools called the Leadership of Change Process. This unique process to increase global competitiveness features three primary components:

  1. a 360° instrument to assess personal ability to introduce profound change successfully,
  2. workshops for key executives to revitalize change in their organization. These workshops yield a change agenda based on structured plans for change-leading projects; and
  3. a structured follow-up process to ensure change succeeds.

EDI developed a cross-cultural/cross-functional database of more than 1,000 leaders worldwide to produce individualized executive profiles that can be discussed in private, one-on-one executive coaching sessions, when preferred.

Projects generated by EDI workshops target specific areas of concentration which an organization needs to work on or develop further to increase global competitiveness. Customers that have used the Leadership of Change process successfully include: Hilton International, Black & Decker Corporation, Xerox, FIAT, Mercedes Benz and the Internal Revenue Service (Secretaria da Fazenda) in Brazil.

Let's take a look at one Leadership of Change Case .