Process Improvement

During the 1990s, EDI expanded its customer and product bases with new tools to overcome a broader range of organizational challenges. Our main focus included process improvement, covering various alternatives from Six Sigma to Process Reengineering.

In July 1993, EDI became the Latin American representative for the Rummler Brache Group (RBG), a worldwide leader in process improvement technology. On behalf of RBG, EDI implemented process improvement efforts for Citibank financial operations in Mexico and Argentina . Additionally, EDI conducted a strategic process revision for Mexico's Gigante Group as well as for the Corona and Chubb Groups in Colombia . When RBG was sold, its involvement in Latin America ended.

EDI's expertise in process improvement was instrumental in winning a contract with the Colombian General Attorney's Office. Their mandate was to design and implement an audit program to guarantee the transfer of the process improvement technology from a consulting consortium (including Price Waterhouse Coopers and a local consulting company) into the organization. This was a US$ 1 million process improvement project, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and developed by the Colombian General Attorney's Office.

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