360 Tools

Few pieces of information impact a leader more than the first-time report of a 360° survey. A wide cross-section of individuals who come in contact with the leader provide unique insight from their 360° perspective, Properly analyzed, a 360° report can produce invaluable developmental data. EDI has designed and administered 360° surveys to cover a range of contemporary subjects that allow the user a very accurate assessment of strengths and challenges.

The 360° reports are not produced in isolation or delivered in a vacuum. The users are designated associates (peers, direct reports, managers, secondary managers, customers or suppliers) who fill out the form. It is possible to track its completion. Once filled out, the report is produced and an EDI consultant or executive coach delivers and discusses it as part of a designed activity. This may lead to a one-on-one discussion with the participants, when preferred.

In the case of Executive Coaching assignments, a 360° assessment is a pre-requirement and, if necessary, EDI can design the questionnaire to fit the reality of the organization.

Following is a selection of EDI 360° tools currently in use.