The design process begins with a needs survey to identify clusters of subjects to be covered in the program. Upon refinement and approval by the client, EDI develops a Unit Level Design. This is a unit-by-unit presentation featuring hours allocated per subject, a tentative agenda and a design rationale. Learning objectives and behavioral outcomes for each unit are part of the final version of the Unit Level Design.

The Unit Level Design is followed by EDI's development of the Activity Level Design. Created with active client participation, this is a breakdown in 15-minute increments of the activities and instructional methodologies to be used in each segment of the program. When needed, this detailed description becomes the backbone of a Teachers Guide.

Next is production of support materials, in client-specified formats, for participants or Executive Speakers. These include: application forms, pre-work assignments, guidelines for Executive Speakers featured in the trainers' lineup and any other that may be required by the design.